We are Rainbow Tarnow!

Rainbow Tarnów was initiated to create a safe space for LGBTQAIP + people from Tarnów and the surrounding area. The assosiation was inspired by the traumatic events for the Polish queer community that took place during the First Equality March in Białystok (2019). The scale of verbal and physical aggression of the opponents of this event revealed the need to create a space in which non-heteronormative, transgender and intersex people would feel accepted and understood.

We educate about LGBTQIAP+ people

We run happenings with educational stands and a dance party in the city. We work with informal groups. We provide free educational materials for libraries, schools and places of culture.

We test people on HIV, HCV, Syphilis

We organize preventive actions together with the “Jeden Świat” Association. We provide educational materials on HIV, HCV and Syphilis during our events. We educate LGBTQIAP+ people about the methods of transmission of venereal diseases.

We want to change Tarnów

The dream of Tarnów being safe, tolerant and creating prospects also for LGBTQAIP+ people is strongly related to the feeling that this city is a home for many of us – temporary or the one where we are born and still live here.

We want to open Community and Culture Exchange Center!

We’ll plan to open the Community Center in June 2022. We would organize art exhibitions, film screenings, lectures, meetings of support groups, youth club, and an integration cafe for everyone who would be interested.

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